Xeriscape Landscaping in White Marsh

S.K. Services LLC is a local specialist in xeriscape landscaping. Our pro landscaping contractors will utilize a winning combination of drought-tolerant plants and water-conserving design to craft a vibrant lawn that uses less water.

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Why Xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping is an economical and eco-friendly landscaping method in regions that receive little rainfall or experience harsh water usage restrictions. Xeriscape landscaping is a strategy that uses a variety of gardening and irrigation techniques to maximize water conservation and use.

S.K. Services LLC excels in this unique stream of landscaping. We’ve gone through extensive education, research, and training to develop sound practices to keep lawns lush with minimal water usage.

Low-maintenance. Low-cost. What’s not to love?

Consult with a Xeriscape Specialist

Are you ready to discover the long-term benefits of xeriscaping? We’re ready to help. We invite you to schedule an on-site consultation with one of our knowledgable contractors. We have many exciting tools in our xeriscaping toolbox to show you.

Show us your yard, and in turn, we’ll show you how we can lower your water usage by capitalizing on:

  • Plant selection
  • Plant grouping
  • Grading
  • Mulching
  • Efficient irrigation

We’ll discuss your objectives and desired aesthetic at length. Using your vision and our xeriscaping principles, we’ll put together a plan of action to whip your lawn into drought-ready shape. We’ll also put all our services into a clear and accurate cost breakdown for your budgeting consideration.

Drought-Tolerant Landscaping in White Marsh

Plant Selection

One of the most significant aspects of xeriscape landscaping comes down to plant selection. As you know, plants have different moisture, light, and soil needs. Some are better suited to hotter, dryer climates than others. By choosing to install drought-tolerant plants on your lawn, you’ll drastically reduce the overall amount of water required to maintain your lawn.

Many of our clients are under the misconception that their selection for drought-tolerant plants will be limited to cacti. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Our company partners with a host of amazing suppliers, through which we source beautiful flowers, grasses, and other plants that will boost your curb appeal without draining your water supply.

Want to see our extensive selection? Get in touch with us today.

Xeriscape Installation

With our crews on the case, your landscape installation will be a stress-free affair. Our professionals are courteous and quick. You can count on us to work efficiently and neatly day by day until your landscape is complete and prepped for the summer heat.

By the way, rest easy knowing that we abide by all local landscaping codes in White Marsh. What’s more, we boast all the high-performance equipment and tools to get the job done right.

Contact Your Local Xeriscape Company

S.K. Services LLC works with home and business owners to design and install drought-resistant landscapes with proven xeriscaping strategies. Beautify your lawn, lower your water usage, and reduce your yard maintenance with one simple service.

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